Watch Deerhunter Interrupt Debut “Take Care” Performance To Break Up A Fight

Deerhunter have been having a very eventful tour! As we noted over the weekend, many fans left the band’s LA gig disappointed by a messy performance. It seems Thursday’s tour kickoff in Pomona was action-packed as well. We already saw footage of the band debuting Fading Frontier singles “Breaker” and “Snakeskin” at that gig, but it turns out the climax of the evening came during “Take Care,” which was also getting its first live reading. About 40 seconds into the footage below, you’ll see Bradford Cox stop the performance to break up a fight, invoking the names of Jesus Christ and Omar from The Wire along the way. Apparently the conflict involved a woman getting hit; according to reader Sully, who uploaded the clip, Cox ended up letting her watch the rest of the show from the corner of the stage. “I don’t know why Cox isn’t a judge, we could all benefit from more ‘separation’ sometimes.” See for yourself.

Deerhunter’s tour continues Tuesday in Portland.