Antony Hegarty Gives An Update On HOPELESSNESS, Out Next Year

It’s been five years since Antony And The Johnsons released Swanlights, their last album, and it’ll be at least a little while before we hear the next one. Earlier this year, we learned that Antony Hegarty was working on a new album called HOPELESSNESS with two producers, Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never. After that news, though, we’ve heard nothing about the album. So it’s heartening to learn that HOPELESSNESS does indeed exist, even if it won’t be out until next spring.

Hegarty recently did an email interview with a fan forum, and she spoke on a number of different things. She revealed that she’s now using the name Anohni in her personal life, named her desert island discs, and wrote a bit about transgender visibility and rights in America. And she also updated the world as to the album’s status, writing that HOPELESSNESS is coming in spring: “The record is as different as could be from my previous work. I am not sure that many of you who prefer the early chamber music style will enjoy it! It is a dance / experimental electronic record with quite a dark thematic undertow. It is an album I felt very compelled to produce. It will be released next spring and I will be working on aspect of that for the year of 2016.”

On whether she’d make a video for the album, she wrote: “There will be several quite special videos, all of which we are working on now, and which I am quite excited about.” And on the album’s live presentation, she wrote: “The presentation will be very unconventional and I’ll probably raise a few eyebrows. I want to explore my voice as separated from my body, and employ avatars to represent my body. But this will get more concrete as we develop and rehearse over the coming months.” Read the full interview here.