Someone Let Mac DeMarco Near These Kids

Mac DeMarco does not exactly strike me as a good influence, but word of his doofy exploits has apparently not yet reached all the parents of New York City. DeMarco recently taped a sort of vignette with a bunch of New York school kids and a couple of his friends. DeMarco’s bassist Andy White has a band called Tonstartssbandht with his brother Ed. And as Pitchfork reports, the two of them, along with DeMarco, recently used puppet versions of themselves to lead a group of New York kids in a singalong of their song “Seriously.” (DeMarco wasn’t in puppet form, but his actual flesh-and-blood self is really not that far removed from puppet status.) Deering Regan directed the resulting video, and you can watch it below.

Hey, that was catchy! Please try not to be drunk around small children!