Watch Justin Bieber, Skrillex, & BLOOD Do “Sorry” Acoustic

Justin Bieber’s #redemption continued last week with the release of his new single “Sorry.” Despite reuniting Bieber with Skrillex, who kicked off the whole “Whoa, Justin Bieber is good now?” thing with the really great Jack Ü song “Where Are Ü Now,” “Sorry” isn’t quite as good as that song or other comeback single “What Do You Mean.” But it’s still pretty good! And now you can watch him perform an acoustic version of it with Skrillex and BLOOD, bka Blood Diamonds, who also co-produced the track. Bieber sings, Skrillex plays guitar, and BLOOD, uh, doesn’t really do much besides drum on his knees, but he’s there too. Check it out below — the performance starts about 50 seconds in, after they talk for a bit and ride around on those faux-hoverboards that are now forever linked with Wiz Khalifa in my mind.