Siri Limits Answers For People Who Don’t Subscribe To Apple Music

If you want Siri to answer any questions about music charts, past or present, you’ll have to shell out for an Apple Music subscription, The Verge reports. As Pandora co-creator and former CTO Tom Conrad pointed out on Twitter today, this is what happens if you’re not a subscriber and you ask Siri to look up America’s current #1 single:

The same thing happens when you try to look up decades-old hit singles:


Now compare that to this, which is what you get if you are an Apple Music subscriber:


Siri commands relating to chart data have been linked to Apple Music since the platform launched, but if you’re not a subscriber, it should just bump you to an ordinary web search. I guess we’re coming up on the end of that three-month free trial for most users, and Apple wants to make sure they stay. Gee, aren’t the streaming wars fun?

UPDATE: On the other hand, NBC News reports that the slightly differently-worded query “What was the number one song in 2014″ works for non-subscribers, which doesn’t make any sense. So maybe it’s just a bug?

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