In Case It Wasn’t Clear, Joanna Newsom Really Hates Bananas

Annabel Mehran

In Case It Wasn’t Clear, Joanna Newsom Really Hates Bananas

Annabel Mehran

When we say that Joanna Newsom has beef with bananas, let’s be clear: She is not experimenting with new recipes. Instead, she considers bananas to be a disgusting non-food, and she cannot even be in the same room if a banana peel is in a trash can. Newsom’s new album Divers is all about the redemptive power of love, and this black, all-consuming hatred isn’t something she publicly expresses too often. But in a recent interview, when she was discussing her disdain for streaming services, Newsom called Spotify the “banana of the music industry… It just gives off a fume. You can smell that something’s wrong with it.” And in a new interview with Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson, Newsom went on to elaborate, at some length, on how much she hates the fruit. Observe:

NEWSOM: I don’t eat weird shit like bananas.

GEVINSON: It’s hard to look good while eating a banana! It’s really unflattering.

I can’t even be in a room where there’s a banana peel in the trash. I have to clear out.


It makes me straight-up sick. Like, gasoline-fuel style.

Are you OK with mayonnaise?

I’m not a huge fan of mayonnaise but there’s nothing that fills me with horror and rage the way that bananas do.

Whoa. I’ve never heard such a strong opinion about a banana.

Yeah. I’m bummed I don’t like them because they’re a very nutritious snack.

Do you have a feeling about banana bread?

A very negative feeling. For me a banana is like, it’s a non-food. Like it’s like dog crap. Like if someone was like, “You don’t eat dog crap bread? You don’t even eat hard candy that’s flavored like dog crap?” It’s still a hard no.

Well banana-flavored hard candy is actually the worst.

Some people like it, some people have a thing about banana Laffy Taffy.

For the record: Banana Laffy Taffy is delicious. Also, “Are you OK with mayonnaise?” is a great interview question, and I might start using it going forward. Read the whole interview here.

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