Download French Montana & Fetty Wap Coke Zoo

Fetty Wap spent all of 2015 rising to rap stardom by his damn self, working with the crew of New Jersey producers who have been with him since before the fame and hardly ever showing up on tracks with established rappers. The only guest rapper who appears on Fetty’s self-titled debut album is Monty, a guy who only ever shows up on Fetty Wap songs, and he shows up over and over again. So it’s interesting to see that Fetty has now put out a full mixtape with French Montana, a guy way more connected with rap’s established power structure. The dynamic here is fascinating: French has had nowhere near the solo success that Fetty has, but he’s been around and treated like a big deal for way longer. Today, as Complex points out, the two put out the collaborative mixtape Coke Zoo, a title that seems like a nonsensical combination of French’s Coke Boys and Fetty’s Zoo Gang until you realize that the cover art is an image of the private zoo that Pablo Escobar had at his Colombian estate. On first listen, the two rappers have a real chemistry with one another, sharing a dazed sense of melody that makes them a good match. The tape features appearances from Chris Brown, Lil Durk, a ranting-not-rapping Puff Daddy, and (of course) Monty. Below, listen to the mixtape and watch the NSFW strip-club video for “Freaky.”

Download Zoo Gang at DatPiff.