The Album Leaf – “New Soul” Video

The Album Leaf – “New Soul” Video

Jimmy LaValle just released a new video for his song “New Soul,” the first we’ve heard from LaValle’s project the Album Leaf since 2010’s A Chorus Of Storytellers. The follow-up to that record, Between Waves, is slated to be released in 2016. In the clip accompanying “New Soul,” a woman traipses through a barren desert landscape carrying a dead rabbit. Director Michael Raines told NPR about the video’s central concept:

We never had a conversation about the song’s meaning or intentions… I wanted to make something that felt expansive, like the song itself, but ultimately let the viewer decide who this woman was and whether it was a story about death, rebirth, or both.

Watch below.

Between Waves is due out in 2016.

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