Spoon Join Team Taco

Spoon Join Team Taco

A couple of weeks ago, St. Vincent rent the music world in twain by recklessly casting aside the noble burrito in favor of the taco. And now it seems that another Texan indie titan has thrown in with #TeamTaco: Pitchfork reports that Spoon are creating a signature taco for HomeState, a Los Angeles restaurant that serves Central Texas-inspired cuisine, as a part of their new Band Taco program. Spoon’s breakfast taco includes migas, pico de gallo, avocado, and monterrey jack cheese on a flour tortilla, and here’s frontman Britt Daniel on his creation:

I’m at HomeState constantly so, frankly, when they asked me to create a taco I said, “It’s about time.” They asked what kind of taco I’d like to design and naturally I said a breakfast taco. I don’t understand why the breakfast taco isn’t ubiquitous in Los Angeles, but HomeState is at least one great place I can turn to when I’m in LA. My taco is called the “Ranchero,” and it’s based on the kind of tacos I’d get every morning for 59 cents when I first moved to Austin. The great thing about those breakfast taco places was that they were open til 3 in the afternoon — still an entirely appropriate time for breakfast. I’d wake up, take my girlfriend to work around 7, get breakfast, head home, catch a couple more hours of sleep, wake back up, work on a song, then head back to the taco shop at 2:45 for lunch. We called it double dipping. Conveniently, HomeState is open every day til 3.

Sure, Britt Daniel doesn’t explicitly say anything negative about burritos. So maybe he’s also #TeamBurrito! You can like tacos and burritos, right? But check this out — when our very own Chris DeVille, proudly #TeamBurrito, interviewed him in a Chipotle last year, this is what Daniel ordered: “Soft tacos with chicken, mild salsa, cheese, and a side of guacamole.” More like a side of burrito-hatred, am I right?

HomeState’s Band Taco program will feature a new taco curated by a different artist every month, and proceeds will go to support need-based scholarships at the Silverlake Conservatory Of Music. ?uestlove, Cold War Kids, Fitz & the Tantrums, and Cherry Glazerr are all slated to create tacos in the coming months. No word on their feelings re: burritos yet. (Or bananas.)

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