Eleanor Friedberger – “He Didn’t Mention His Mother”

Earlier this month, Eleanor Friedberger, the whip-smart singer-songwriter and (formerly?) half of the Fiery Furnaces, came out with a new song called “False Alphabet City.” It was a standalone single, a contribution to the soundtrack of the movie False Alphabets, but it also presaged something else. And now, as Pitchfork reports, Friedberger has announced a new album called New View, which follows up 2013’s very good Personal Record. Friedberger and her band recorded this one live-to-tape with producer Clemens Knieper. It opens with first single “He Didn’t Mention His Mother,” a beautifully lush ramble that evokes the greats of the ’70s without aping any of them too closely. Below, listen to it, watch an album trailer, and check out the New View tracklist.

01 “He Didn’t Mention His Mother”
02 “Open Season”
03 “Sweetest Girl”
04 “Your Word”
05 “Because I Asked You”
06 “Never Is A Long Time”
07 “Cathy With The Curly Hair”
08 “Two Versions Of Tomorrow”
09 “All Known Things”
10 “Does Turquoise Work?”
11 “A Long Walk”

New View is out 1/22/16 on Frenchkiss.