Father John Misty Teaches You How To Stop Dressing Like A Graphic Designer

The Father John Misty press onslaught continues with a fashion profile at The Cut. He’s a famously suave dresser, and his opinions about the prevalent “basic-ass dude” wardrobe are not far from his take on pop music:

Like, everyone kind of looks like a graphic designer. I just hate that look… It’s predicated on not fucking up, as opposed to the emphasis really being on expression. There’s a lot of prescriptive fashion — “Oh, you need the perfect white shirt, and you need the perfect khaki” — and it’s just so boring.

Instead, he’d like to see the world gravitate toward “more of a Moroccan-slash-pajama vibe.” As for his own condition, he claims to suffer from “a button-up dysmorphia” with regard to how many buttons should be left unbuttoned. “I think one button lower, to me, looks more normal than it does to other people.” Check out his fashion spread here.