Stream A Pregnant Light All Saints’ Day (Stereogum Premiere)

Last year, A Pregnant Light released My Game Doesn’t Have A Name. Despite the one-man band now having released more than 15 records, that album was APL’s first full-length following a stream of demos, EPs, and splits. And it was great, but somewhat different — cleaner, and a more clear synthesis of the various punk, black metal, and even pop influences that had danced and elided in hook-heavy ways throughout APL’s catalog.

If My Game Doesn’t Have A Name was a refined union of those sounds and styles, then All Saints’ Day looks back to A Pregnant Light’s rawer black metal roots from a new vantage point. Out the gate, “Fear Of God” rages with brilliant energy, guided by booming screams and a trilling lead. “Phoenix Street” is a huge tapestry of guitars; “Passover Gold” is more of a bruiser. The EP is on the whole brutal, but it’s also intensely lush and melodic, a hallmark APL sound.

Remarkably, All Saints’ Day was written and recorded in one day. The guy behind APL, Damian Master, puts out APL material on his own label, Colloquial Sound Recordings, and the setup allows him to work outside the traditional album cycle and to put out small-batch limited offerings. They can seem like letters from the artist, periodic check-ins that showcase whatever current burst of creativity is surging, storming. This is one such release — All Saints’ Day is limited to 59 cassettes and out today, the day after All Saints’ Day. Listen.

All Saints’ Day is out today via Colloquial Sound Recordings, both digitally and as a limited cassette.