Geoff Rickly Gives Update On Collect Records

Back in September, The New York Times published an article about Turig Pharmaceuticals raising the price of the drug Deraprim by 5000 percent per tablet and the nefarious price-gouging chief executive behind that decision, Martin Shkreli. Deraprim is typically used to treat infections in people with compromised immune systems, like cancer patients and those who are HIV-positive. Though Shkreli bore the brunt of the internet’s criticism in the days after the Times first reported the story, some of that blame eventually trickled down to Collect Records founder Geoff Rickly (United Nations, No Devotion, Thursday). As Bullett pointed out, Shkreli is a long-time fan of pop-punk and emo music, and it eventually became pretty clear that he was the major investor backing Rickly’s label. Soon after this was uncovered, Collect Records announced that the label would sever ties with Shkreli.

We haven’t heard much about the ordeal since, but today, Rickly tweeted about a recent interview with Shkreli conducted by HIV activist Josh Robbins and uploaded to his site

Rickly then proceeded to comment a bit on the Shkreli controversy:

He then updated followers on the future of Collect Records, and mentioned that the label is seeking new investors: