Weezer – “Do You Wanna Get High?”

Weezer – “Do You Wanna Get High?”

Last week Weezer shared “Thank God For Girls,” a sub-“Beverly Hills” quality song that suggested they have no interest in maintaining the critical goodwill they re-established with last year’s solid Everything Will Be Alright In The End. Today Rivers Cuomo and Scott Shriner stopped by Beats 1 to debut another new song, “Do You Wanna Get High?” It’s a lot more redeemable than the last one — Pinkerton style meets Green Album quality, I’d say. Cuomo emotes about smoking weed and listening to Burt Bacharach atop a typical Weezer cocktail of ’50s style rock ‘n’ roll and ’70s heavy metal. The song is allegedly built upon a sample from an unnamed ’60s song, a first for Weezer. Cuomo adds that the two new tracks are not necessarily part of a new album; because the band is out of its record deal, they’re “on the loose” and “experimenting.” Sounds like the same old Weezer to me, for better this time instead of worse.

UPDATE: As Pitchfork points out, Cuomo has annotated “Do You Wanna Get High?” on Genius. His explanation involves Fred Durst:

this is about me and my darling girlfriend in 2000/2001—-the same girl that inspired “o GIRLFRIEND” from the Green album (“taking pills and mellowing out”) Those were some incredible nights.

(and the summer 2k jam “O Girl”)

I remember hanging out with Fred Durst around that time too.

i try to avoid pills now at all costs. even when i had knee surgery in 2013, i refused anything but advil. I love Advil now, though, I’ll tell you.

Cuomo also keeps track of his addictive substance intake on a Google Doc:

I’ll stop at 2 pills, max
I have a milligram scale to measure any kind of addictive substance I might be taking, for example, caffeine. I keep track of it all in google docs and taper my withdrawals to minimize discomfort.

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