“L.O.V.E.” isn’t a pleasant listening experience, at least in any traditional sense. The newer tracks we’ve heard from SOPHIE’s PRODUCT — the metallic bubblegum of “Just Like We Never Said Goodbye,” the clanging endorphin rush from “MSMSMSM” — have focused on, if not central, than at least left-of-center pleasure receptors. But “L.O.V.E.” is mostly a dull, aching white noise. It’s a fly buzzing into a slow and painful death. It borders on annoying. Outside of some relieving moments that sound like some coins dropping in a video game, this track is straight darkness. It doesn’t totally work, especially sandwiched in between the other seven airier tracks on PRODUCT but, taken on its own, it’s an interesting enough endeavor that pushes into the inverse of SOPHIE’s sound. At the very least, it’ll probably serve as a properly menacing intro to his DJ sets. Check it out below — only one more (very good, in my opinion) single to go until we have all of PRODUCT in our hands.

PRODUCT is out 11/27 via Numbers. Pre-order it here.