Four Tet Says He Was In Radiohead’s “Creep” Video

Four Tet Says He Was In Radiohead’s “Creep” Video

Four Tet is such an endlessly prolific and inventive producer that its’ easy to forget he’s been putting out records since the late ’90s. And even before that, he apparently had a pretty cool distinction as a music fan. As Pitchfork reports, Kieran Hebden recently told BBC 6 Music’s Gilles Peterson that he was in the room for one of the most important moments in Radiohead’s career. He’s part of the indistinct thrashing mass that made up the crowd in the band’s “Creep” video. That means he’s been down with Radiohead since basically day one; he would’ve been about 15 when he was an extra in the clip.

Hebden told Peterson about it in a new two-hour interview special called Words & Music With Four Tet. The “Creep” video comes up with Hebden talks about the time, in 2003, that Radiohead invited him to come on tour as an opening act:

I got invited to go on tour with Radiohead. They were absolutely huge and I’d been a fan since the Drill EP had come out. I’m in the video for “Creep” in the audience. I followed them really closely from the very beginning. And I was being asked to open for them because they were fans of the record, and it made me think, live electronic music, I should get into that.

See if you can spot him in there below. (Here’s a tip: You absolutely cannot spot him.)

Listen to Peterson’s full BBC show here.

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