Great Grandpa – “Mostly Here” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Great Grandpa – “Mostly Here” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Great Grandpa released their debut EP, Can Opener, at the beginning of the year. It’s five songs worth of knotty, twisted, and warm rock music that’s as melodically satisfying as it is, at times, confounding. The Seattle band has a knack for making sure everything slides into place with just the right amount of irregular edges, and they prove how well of a handle they have on that balance time and time again throughout their debut. They’re a band that shines just as brightly in individual moments as they do over the course of a whole song. And while it’s easy to drift off and follow one interlocking rhythm to its conclusion and lose the forest for the trees a bit, the forest is just as well-structured as those smaller moments. Great Grandpa borrow from some obvious touchstones, they never feel too comfortable settling into just one for too long, a promising proclivity for such a young band.

Can Opener is getting a vinyl reissue later this year, and the band’s releasing a video for EP highlight “Mostly Here” to draw attention to it. Opening with a sigh of chords, the track heaves along with a weary lack of energy. The video for it is similarly languid, as all five members of the band come to rest in the wetlands, playing the song off of children’s instruments and staring drearily into the camera. It was directed by Pat Goodwin. Watch and listen to the full EP below.

Tour Dates:
12/12 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge
12/18 Seattle, WA @ Neumo’s Psychedelic Holiday Freakout (w/ No Age, Childbirth)

Great Grandpa’s Can Opener EP is out now via Broken World Media. You can pre-order the vinyl reissue here.

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