Watch Adele Debut “When We Were Young” In Full

Watch Adele Debut “When We Were Young” In Full

Yesterday, we posted a quick preview of the live-in-studio performance of “When We Were Young” that Adele recorded for 60 Minutes Australia. The song, which Adele co-wrote with Tobias Jesso Jr., follows the massive single “Hello” as the second song we’ve heard from Adele’s album 25, which comes out on Friday. And while we still haven’t heard the studio version of “When We Were Young,” the whole performance of the song, which Adele and her band recorded at London’s Church Studios, is now online. And it’s a hell of a performance. There’s nothing surprising about the song; it follows the same big-stately-ballad progression of just about every Adele single. But it’s a good song, and she sings the hell out of it. Also, Adele recently gave an interview to SiriusXM, in which she said nice things about Chvrches, Grimes, and Jeff Buckley. Below, watch the “When We Were Young” performance and listen to clips from that interview.

25 is out 11/20 on XL/Columbia.

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