Dave Grohl To Battle Animal In A Drum-Off On The Muppets

ABC’s rebooted The Muppets welcomes a steady stream of guest stars every week, largely built around the conceit that Miss Piggy hosts a late-night talk show called Up Late With Miss Piggy. Variety reports that on the 12/1 episode “Going Going Gonzo,” one of those guests will be Dave Grohl. In the 2011 movie The Muppets, the Foo Fighters leader played “Animool” in a band called the Moopets. This time he will challenge resident Muppet percussionist Animal in a drum-off. It’s good to see the Muppets continually bringing Grohl back behind a drum kit, where Nirvana and Queens Of The Stone Age fans know he belongs.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will also guest on the episode, which airs 12/1 at 8PM on ABC. In the meantime, here’s lo-fi footage from Grohl’s last Muppets encounter.