Taylor Bennett – “Broad Shoulders” (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

Taylor Bennett has been releasing music under his own name for a while now, but he’s probably best known as the little brother of Chance The Rapper. Up until now, though, Chance has been a good big bro and kept an appropriate distance from Bennett’s own music career to give him some time to grow on his own. Bennett is getting ready to release his third album (“first official album with no samples,” he tells Rolling Stone), and today the Chicago brothers have decided to finally team up for the title track “Broad Shoulders.”

“It’s different having a sibling in the entertainment business,” Bennett told RS. “My thing with my brother is that he always wanted me to work on myself and create my own name before we got to work together. He always knew that I was great enough to get a fanbase and sell out shows and get a lot of views. It’s a very meaningful song to our family and our next generation. Chance is now a father, and in the third verse, I speak about my niece — his daughter — so it’s a really emotional and compassionate song.” He’s definitely inherited some musical acumen from his brother. Listen below.

Bennett’s album Broad Shoulders will also feature contributions from Max Schneider, Donnie Trumpet, Joey Purp, and King Louie. Like his bro, he’s not too forthcoming with release dates. The brothers will also have a collab on Chance’s upcoming third mixtape.