Jeff Tweedy Writing “Funny, Disarming” Memoir

Jeff Tweedy is one of the most winsome personalities in music today, and his decades as a professional musician have generated enough drama to fill several books — intra-band power struggles in both Wilco and Uncle Tupelo, substance abuse spurred on by debilitating migraines, his wife’s successful battle against cancer, the fight to get Yankee Hotel Foxtrot released, the list goes on — so I’m excited to learn that Tweedy is writing a memoir for the Penguin Random House imprint Dutton. According to information Dutton shared with the Associated Press, Tweedy’s book will be “funny, disarming, and honest.” Tweedy also offered this statement of intent:

I have stories to tell, and I’d like for this book to be a combination of those stories about my experiences, and maybe a window into one person’s creative process, as well as some of what I’ve seen working with other artists in my current and former bands, in the studio, on the road, in my basement with my sons and more.

The memoir is untitled as of now, and a release date has not been set.