Two Inch Astronaut – “Good Behavior”

Two Inch Astronaut – “Good Behavior”

Sam Rosenberg’s voice is fucking great because it takes on so many different personalities. Sometimes, he has the theatrical candor of a Broadway star, other times he takes on the soaring nasally drawl of emo band boys circa 2004. On Two Inch Astronaut’s new single, “Good Behavior,” Rosenberg leans into the latter. Two Inch Astronaut hail from DC and have always made music that harkens back to the hardcore greats of their hometown, but they’re also fairly young guys who grew up with bands like, I don’t know, Panic! At The Disco. That band caught a lot of flak in their heyday, but it’s not all that hard to meet a 20-something now who knows all of the words to “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” It’s cool to hear that unconventional influence bleed out on a contemporary DIY punk song. Two Inch Astronaut’s third album, Personal Life, is due out next year and was produced by Jawbox’s J. Robbins. Listen to LP’s excellent debut single below via NPR.

Personal Life is out 2/5 via Exploding In Sound.

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