Kanye Attempts “Full Will Ferrell Level Drunk” Speech At Footwear News Achievement Awards

There’s nothing like a little Kanye West to liven up a boring shoe awards ceremony. The annual Footwear News Achievement Awards — known to some as the “Shoe Oscars,” apparently — took place in New York last night, and Kanye won Shoe Of The Year for the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350, Fashion Times reports. As is his wont, Kanye gave a rambling 20-minute acceptance speech, beginning with a self-aware reference to his notorious VMAs acceptance speech: “I have absolutely no plans for what I’m going to say, so this could land completely wrong. But it doesn’t really fucking matter, does it? If you don’t like 10-minute profanity-ridden speeches that end with a presidential bid, you can go to the bathroom.” Here are a few more excerpts, courtesy of the AP:

Basically as I talk, it’s just a mood board. That’s my new style of speeches. And so it’s very unorthodox, it’s vibes. You know, you guys are designers, you know how to put it all together at the end of the night. Or feel free to just talk shit. It’s good to have someone to talk shit about! Everybody’s so, like, “I just don’t want people to talk shit about me.” I don’t give a fuck.

When I was at Fendi … we’d visit Stockholm, you know, on the weekends. That was in my single days. It was fun. … My exile (after cutting off Taylor Swift on stage) was pretty fun. You know, what does Kanye do when he pisses every white person off on the planet? He goes to Stockholm and dances with more white people!

I look at you guys and think, like, raise your hand if you got a private plane. Don’t be embarrassed. There’s definitely some people with some private planes tonight. … We’re here to make amazing product that we love that also sells, that makes money. We really like nice things. … I want a house equal or better than Calvin Klein’s house in the Hamptons.

He concluded by saying, “I’m trying to take it full ‘Will Ferrell level drunk brother at the wedding’ level. Have I reached that level yet? Have I fucked it up? Good. Here’s to fucking everything up!” Which may be conflating Old School and Wedding Crashers (or Step Brothers?), but he can do that, because he’s Kanye West. Watch the whole thing below.

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