Jehnny Beth & Julian Casablancas – “Boy/Girl” Video

Julian Casablancas, from the Strokes, and Jehnny Beth, from Savages, are two of the most charismatic rock frontpeople to come along this century. And as we learned last month, they’ve now teamed up to cover “Boy/Girl,” a song originally recorded in 1984 by Sort Sol, the pioneering Danish punk band, and Lydia Lunch, the no wave trailblazer. The cover, which appears to be a total one-off, is just as fast and bleary and out-of-control as the 1984 original, and the new music video for the cover is a shot-for-shot remake of the original. Warren Fu directed it, and regular Savages collaborator Giorgio Testi filmed Beth’s parts in London. Savages producer Johnny Hostile had the idea of Casablancas and Beth teaming up to record it, and of the original, Casablancas says, “I had never heard the song before and still have no idea what the hell the words are talking about. It sounds like a Danish dude trying sound like he’s saying English sounding words.” Check out the new video and the original one below.

The 7″ is out 12/18 on Casablancas’ Cult Records; order it here or get the digital version at iTunes.