Watch Thom Yorke Debut Two New Songs At Pathway To Paris

Thom Yorke is a staunch environmentalist, and tonight, while the ongoing UN Climate Change Conference in Paris is deciding the fate of our planet, the Radiohead frontman performed in the Pathway For Paris climate change concert at Le Trianon. He played a mix of Radiohead, solo, and Atoms For Peace material on acoustic guitar and piano, and even more excitingly, he opened the set with the debut of two new songs, titled “Silent Spring” — presumably named for Rachel Carson’s 1962 environmental best-seller — and “Desert Island Disk.” During the former, at around 2:28, he says “This Jonny’s bit,” which would seem to indicate that it’s a new Radiohead song. At the end of the show, Yorke also jammed with Patti Smith, Flea, author Naomi Klein, and Vandana Shiva. Watch video and stream the performance below.

“Silent Spring”
“Desert Island Disk”
“The Present Tense”
“The Clock”
“Atoms for Peace”

UPDATE: Here’s the full show.