Obama’s Favorite Song Of 2015 Is By Kendrick Lamar

Alongside the rest of the Stereogum staff, President Barack Obama has shared his favorite song of the year with us: Kendrick Lamar’s “How Much A Dollar Cost” — a To Pimp A Butterfly deep cut! Michelle’s is the Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson joint “Uptown Funk.” The two revealed the info as part of a new People magazine feature.

The Obamas have been vocal about their musical preferences over the years — just this summer, they shared shared a pair of vacation playlists.

Revisit their favorites of the year below.

UPDATE: TMZ has obtained some paparazzi footage of Lamar responding to Obama’s pick: “Feels great, man,” he say, but he largely ignores the dude before adding “Help as many people as you can, man.” Watch below.