CTM – “Escorted/The Road”

So far, each track we’ve heard from CTM’s upcoming mini-album, Suite For A Young Girl, has had a different texture: “Cézanne” was a looped whisper, “Return Of The Hunters” a sharply building composition. Her next single, “Escorted/The Road,” is the first where we start to get a sense of the narrative thrust for the new release, which she calls “a suite of songs altogether forming a dramatic play on a backdrop of sound collages.” It’s an intimate, unconventional driving song, in which there’s dew mucking up the windshield and a foggy expanse in the distance. “I was melting with the elements, wind and summer rain/ These hands of a pilgrim on the steering wheel of leather/ Makes me want to touch your body like a raindrop.” It’s a lust song too, and Cæcilie Trier uses her deep cavern of a voice to intimate all the things that her words sometimes mumble through. Listen below.

Suite For A Young Girl is out 1/22 via Tambourhinoceros.

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