Australia’s Soundwave Festival Is Dead

Soundwave is a touring Australian rock festival that started in Perth in 2004. It tends to book a lot of mainstream rock and metal, but there are always a few cool bands on the bill. My friends in Fucked Up have been on the tour a few times, and they always seem to enjoy it. But Billboard reports that next year’s festival, which was scheduled to start in just five weeks, has been canceled. On Twitter, promoter AJ Maddah cites “poor ticket sales.”

Alongside headliners Disturbed and Bring Me The Horizon, next year’s festival was set to feature the Deftones, the Prodigy, NOFX, Public Enemy, Refused, L7, Hatebreed, and Walls Of Jericho, among many others. Maddah also says that the festival won’t be back in 2017 and that “i wish we could’ve ended on a better note.” Maddah also says that he’s having trouble getting fans their refunds:

So. That sucks.

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