Hotline – “Don’t Look Away” (Stereogum Premiere)

Hotline – “Don’t Look Away” (Stereogum Premiere)

Stereogum readers might know Mike Zorrilla and Mike Kirby’s previous band Tiger Dare. We premiered their album Wires Over, Wired In back in spring 2014, calling it “sunny but wistful; the soundtrack to that first day in September when a sudden chill makes you realize you’ll need to start wearing a jacket.” Zorrilla and Kirby have a new trio called Hotline with drummer Ian Vidaurre, and like Tiger Dare, this band deals in deeply satisfying autumnal indie rock.

“Don’t Look Away,” the A-side from Hotline’s forthcoming debut 7″, reminds me of Red House Painters as filtered through American Football. Gleaming guitar arpeggios float through bleary atmospherics as Zorrilla spins a melancholy narrative about facing “the things you can’t explain.” The song is scientifically engineered to elicit those ever-elusive #feels; succumb to its formidable powers below.

The band has some live dates coming up in Brooklyn:
12/29 Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool (w/ No Honeymoon, Elena, Uni Ika Ai)
01/26 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium (w/ Emily Yacina, MPHO, Railings)
02/10 Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades (w/ Flower Girl, Slonk Donkerson, Gingerlys)

Hotline’s debut 7″ will be out in early 2016 on Wonderland Archives.

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