Babypod Is A Vaginal MP3 Player For Pregnant Women

Well, here’s something new: An MP3 player (or, more accurately, a headphone attachment) that’ll let women play music directly to their babies while they’re in the womb. And to make it so the kids can hear as clearly as possible, the woman puts the miniature speaker directly into her vagina.

For years, there have been studies that music helps stimulate the brains of fetal babies. And given that kids can’t hear what’s going on outside their mother’s bodies, I suppose it makes sense that the kids would react more when they don’t have a human stomach in between them and the music. As Metro reports, the Spanish company behind Babypod insists that the science behind it makes sense.

In 2014, Barcelona’s Institut Marquez studied hundreds of pregnant women, playing them music both inside and outside the womb, and “those who listened to the music after it had been played through the vagina were said to have opened their mouths and stuck out their tongues.” No word on whether the fetuses were listening to Kiss.

The attachment, which goes for about $132, includes an option to leave voice messages for your kid. Here’s a promotional video that doesn’t make the entire thing seem any less weird.

If you really want to buy this, you can do that here.