Courtney Love Covered The Shit Out Of Radiohead’s “Creep” Last Night

With Courtney Love, the non-musical stuff has a way of soaking up all the attention. But we should never forget that Love is one of the rawest, most expressive rock singers to come along in the past few decades. And last night, she got a chance to remind us. Love performed at a party for her fellow ’90s alt-rock veteran Linda Perry, the former 4 Non Blondes frontwoman who’s now a hitmaking songwriter. The party was for Freeheld, the new Julianne Moore/Ellen Page movie, and more specifically for “Hands Of Love,” the Miley Cyrus song that Perry wrote for the movie. (She’s hoping it’ll get an Oscar nomination.) At the party, Christina Aguilera covered John Lennon, the Cult’s Ian Astbury covered David Bowie, Juliette Lewis covered AC/DC, and Perry sang a few Led Zeppelin songs. But for our purposes, the big moment was Love doing a visceral, intense version of Radiohead’s “Creep,” as Yahoo reports. She didn’t hit the high notes, and she didn’t even go for them. Instead, she brought back that hard-edged, unpredictable sense of presence that once made her so vital. Watch a fan-made video of the performance below.

The audience at the party included Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain, as well as people like Toby Maguire, Jimmy Kimmel, Jodi Foster, and Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.