Bari – “Today I Woke Up”

Godmode is the small Brooklyn label that’s given us, among many others, Shamir and Yvette and Courtship Ritual. Nick Sylvester, the former rock critic who started the label, is a very good friend of mine, and he has been since long before he even thought about Godmode. But I would be writing about his shit even if I’d never met him, since it’s basically all fire. Case in point: Godmode has a new studio called Faculty, and the label is celebrating its opening with a weekly track series, also called Faculty. First up is “Today I Woke Up,” the debut single from a mysterious entity called Bari. The 10-minute instrumental is a stretched-out woozy piece of instrumental ambience, its analog synths blooping irregularly but prettily long enough that you feel like you’re floating in space by the time it reaches the halfway point. Listen to it below.

A fun thing about this series: We have absolutely no idea where it’ll go next.

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