Watch Billy Joel Cover The Rolling Stones With Jimmy Fallon, Sing “The Longest Time” With J.K. Simmons

Billy Joel has not released any new music in basically forever, but he still sells out Madison Square Garden anytime he feels like it. And last night, he made perpetually happy classic-rock superfan Jimmy Fallon even more happy. Joel was a guest on Fallon’s show last night, and he ended up doing a couple of performances that looked honest-to-god impromptu. On the show, Fallon sat down with Joel and the Roots to do an off-the-cuff cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Beast Of Burden,” which gave Fallon yet another chance to bust out his eerily precise Mick Jagger impersonation. And in a much cooler moment, Fallon and his other guests, including Whiplash Oscar winner J.K. Simmons were filming promo spots during a commercial break when they somehow launched into a doo-wop rendition of Joel’s own “The Longest Time.” It’s not too surprising that Fallon was overjoyed at it, but it’s more fun seeing how much fun Simmons had doing it. Getting a smile out of Jimmy Fallon is not hard. Getting a smile out of Schillinger from Oz? That’s something else. Watch both performances below.

Joel will be headlining MSG for basically the rest of eternity. Observe: