Lana Del Rey Testifies Against Two Stalkers, Gets Restraining Order

Some of Lana Del Rey’s fans don’t seem to be the most stable individuals! Last month, people kept breaking into her home and stealing her cars, and just yesterday the singer had to testify in court against two stalkers. The “fans” in question were Nataliia Krinitsyna and Iuliia Vladimirovna, two Russian girls who Del Rey said were verbally threatening her to the point that she feared it would escalate into something physical.

According to her testimony (via TMZ), they “caused a big scene screaming at me” during a trip to the bank, and put letters in her mailbox threatening suicide. Even after Del Rey moved, they tracked her to her new house and apparently waited on the street for her. Del Rey was forced to hire a full-time bodyguard for protection.

The judge granted Del Rey’s request for a restraining order for a three-year duration, the maximum allowed by law.

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