The Dandy Warhols – “You Are Killing Me”

The Dandy Warhols – “You Are Killing Me”

Veteran Portland drug-rockers the Dandy Warhols are, I would argue, the most underrated (and probably best) American Britpop band of all time. 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia? Classic album! And I always objected to the whole premise of the documentary Dig — that the Dandys were the pop pretenders while the Brian Jonestown Massacre were the troubled geniuses — because I always thought that the Dandys were, in every possible sense, the better band. In any case, the Dandys haven’t released any new music since their 2012 album This Machine, but they’ve just inked a new deal with Dine Alone Records, and they’ve also shared a new single. “You Are Killing Me” is a hooky, efficient chugger that reminds me, weirdly enough, of the Cars, while it still has that old pretty sense of stoner drift to it. Check it out below.

That was good, right? I thought it was good.

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