Elohim – “Pigments” (Stereogum Premiere)

LA-based synthpop artist Elohim makes well-polished, danceable songs in which her lyrics tend to take a back seat due to an irresistible initial impulse to move. Her last share, “Bridge And The Wall,” had so many grooves and catchy melodies that listeners might have been joyfully distracted from piercing lyrics. Her newest offering, “Pigments” is a bit of a departure, letting the words take the lead. Elohim lets the beat slowly build underneath her as she throws daggers like “You can lead a horse to water but he may choose to die” and “I’m in trouble and I’m breaking but I promise to keep breathing,” giving her lyrics the space and focus to land cleanly. Then she brings in a heavy drum beat cut with atmospheric sweeps and repetitive synth rhythms, snatching it away just in time for the breathy, infectious hook, “I can change your pigments.” This one leaves plenty of room to digest what’s been thrown at you; it’s nice to hear Elohim’s lyrics up high and out front in the mix. Check it out below.

“Pigments” is out 1/15 as one half of a AA-side 12″ single with “Bridge And The Wall” via B3SCl Records. Pre-order is available here.

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