Watch Madonna Cover “Rebel Rebel” In Tribute To David Bowie

Watch Madonna Cover “Rebel Rebel” In Tribute To David Bowie

David Bowie may have been the first pop star who was also a cool-hunting cultural chameleon, and in that, he has very few real successors. One of them is Madonna, who grew up a Bowie fan in the Detroit area. In 1996, when Bowie was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Bowie didn’t show up for the ceremony. So Madonna accepted the induction for him, telling a story about sneaking out of her house, as a 15-year-old, to see Bowie live. (He was her first concert.) On Facebook on Monday, Madonna wrote a nice goodbye to Bowie on Facebook. And last night, at her Houston show, Madonna paid tribute to Bowie by covering his “Rebel Rebel. Below, watch a fan-made video of the performance and read Madonna’s Bowie eulogy.

Madonna wrote:

I’m devastated.

David Bowie changed the course of my life forever. I never felt like I fit in growing up in Michigan. Like an oddball or a freak. I went to see him in concert at Cobo Arena in Detroit. It was the first concert I’d ever been too. I snuck out of the house with my girlfriend wearing a cape.

We got caught after and I was grounded for the summer. I didn’t care.

I already had many of his records and was so inspired by the way he played with gender confusion .

Was both masculine and feminine.

Funny and serious.

Clever and wise.

His lyrics were witty ironic and mysterious.

At the time he was the thin white Duke and he had mime artists on stage with him and very specific choreography

And I saw how he created a persona and used different art forms within the arena of rock and Roll to create entertainment.

I found him so inspiring and innovative.

Unique and provocative. A real Genius.

his music was always inspiring but seeing him live set me off on a journey that for me I hope will never end.

His photographs are hanging all over my house today.

He was so chic and beautiful and elegant.

So ahead of his time.

Thank you David Bowie.

I owe you a lot. .

The world will miss you.


Let’s all agree that this could’ve turned out a lot worse.

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