Jawbreaker Reunion – “Cosmos”

Jawbreaker Reunion – “Cosmos”

The last we heard from Band To Watch Jawbreaker Reunion was in the summer with “Your X,” which was meant to precede an EP called haha and then what 😉. Since then, that EP has morphed into an LP (but kept its ingenious title), JBR have become a three-piece, and they’ve just released what is perhaps their finest song yet. “Cosmos” keeps all the inspiring, anthemic qualities of their debut, but smooths out all the rough edges, resulting in a universal and bitterly sweet punk lullaby.

“‘Cosmos’ is about having feelings for someone who seems unattainable,” band member Lily Mastrodimos explained the track to The Line Of Best Fit. “You don’t know what to do, or how to proceed, or if what you feel is real. All you know is that this person means everything to you and you don’t know what you would do without them. They feel so far from you, and that distance feels infinite.”

Appropriately, “Cosmos” sounds like it carries the gleaming, unsteady vastness of space along with it — the chance of two stars colliding feels near impossible. “I’m a satellite and you’re the world to me,” Mastrodimos and Bella Mazzetti trade-off in singing the kicker in crushing duet fashion. An orbit of missed connections, and our only desire is to maybe one day get sucked into someone else’s gravitational pull at the exact same time as they’re being drawn to ours. Sounds daunting! Listen via TLOB below.

01 “Small Investments”
02 “Bare Minimum”
03 “Your X”
04 “Patches”
05 “Cosmos”
06 “High Beams”
07 “Scare You Off”
08 “Apple”
09 “Lakeland”

haha and then what 😉 is out 2/26 via Miscreant Records. You can pre-order it on tape here.

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