Guerilla Toss – “Diamond Girls”

Guerilla Toss – “Diamond Girls”

Up until last year’s Flood Dosed EP, there’s been a bit of a disconnect between Guerilla Toss’ infamously intense live sets and their recorded output. The latter hewed a little too close to attempting to replicate the raucous, untamed sound of the former, rather than trying to capture the euphoric, transformative experience of seeing the group live. The result often felt muddied and somewhat hard-to-grasp, but with each release they’ve opened up more, and their forthcoming full-length, Eraser Stargazer, is the best thing the band’s put out yet.

All of that vitality is apparent on the album’s lead single, “Diamond Girls.” Vocalist Kassie Carlson opens it with a laugh: “Who do you know? Ha, ha, ha,” which she morphs into a grotesque squeal before it breaks into a slick groove that spirals throughout the rest of the track. Carlson’s rabid proselytizing is placed front-and-center; every instrument is given space to breathe, whirring and clamoring in the background like a late-stage game of Bop-It.

“[The song’s] about the desire to disconnect from the material properties of social interactions and boil it down to pure elemental form,” Carlson explained in a press release. “It’s about letting go of the bullshit to run away from smoke and mirrors.” And if the track’s about releasing your inhibitions and avoiding the sizing-up that can go along with meeting someone (maybe a side effect of the Boston band making the move to the very image-conscious Brooklyn), the music keeps up to match, mimicking all of the nervous and crackling energy that comes with being the best version of yourself. Listen below.

01 “Multibeast TV”
02 “Diamond Girls”
03 “Grass Shack”
04 “Colour Picture”
05 “Eraser Stargazer Forever”
06 “Perfume”
07 “Big Brick”
08 “Doll Face On The Calico Highway”

Eraser Stargazer is out 3/4 via DFA Records.

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