Labyrinth Reportedly Getting A Reboot

UPDATE: Perlman says it’s not true…


Labyrinth, the 1986 Jim Henson cult classic starring David Bowie and a young Jennifer Connelly, is getting rebooted by Tristar Pictures and the Jim Henson Company, Pitchfork reports. Guardians Of The Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman is on board to write the script. According to The Hollywood Reporter, where the news initially surfaced, it’s unclear if the new iteration will be a straight remake or a sequel — or something in between, a la The Force Awakens — but Entertainment Weekly is now reporting it as a direct sequel. Either way, so much of the movie’s magic stems from David Bowie’s magnetic appeal as Jareth, the baby-snatching Goblin King, and I really can’t imagine who could possibly replace him. Check out the “Magic Dance” below.