The Chemical Brothers – “Wide Open” (Feat. Beck) Video

Dance-music veterans the Chemical Brothers are, quietly, one of the greatest music-video acts of all time. Last year, they teamed up with Beck on “Wide Open,” a song from their Born In The Echoes album. And when their new “Wide Open” video starts out looking like it’s going to show us a dancer, in her underwear, twirling through an industrial space, it feels like a bit of a disappointment. But as the clip keeps going, the dancer keeps moving, even as her body transforms into a network of some sort of alien webbing. The whole clip is constructed as a single continuous shot, and thanks to its absorbing weirdness and stunning effects, the Dom & Nic-directed video absolutely belongs within the Chems’ bulletproof videography. And actually, thanks to its post-human surrealism, it makes for a great one-two punch with the absolutely amazing “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted” video that the duo released last year. Check out the “Wide Open” video below.

Born In The Echoes is out now on Astralwerks.