The So So Glos – “A.D.D. Life”

Brooklyn punks the So So Glos have a proudly, defiantly direct approach to DIY music. They don’t fuck around with reverb, delay, or allusion. Instead, they knock out big, snotty, hooky monster-jams that grab your ear right away. When they released their Blowout album in 2013, we made it Album Of The Week. Later this year, they’ll follow it up with a new one called Kamikaze, and the first single, “A.D.D. Life,” is a fiery, confident jam about anxiety. Check it out below, and read some words about it from frontman Alex Levine, via Vulture.

Levine says:

We were out the door of the scene. Suddenly, I had trouble breathing, trouble concentrating. Blood pressure was HIGH, times were LOW. Panic attacked. There were too many things to look at, people to go, places to meet. In the absence of anything tangible, I touched my telephone to feel something, but I didn’t make a call and no one was on the line. I saw a sign that said “post no bills.” I’m thinking, I’m post-everything. We live the A.D.D. Life. There’s too much information, and we’re all having trouble focusing.

Kamikaze is coming this spring.