Howard – “Glass” (Stereogum Premiere)

Howard – “Glass” (Stereogum Premiere)

Brooklyn folktronica quartet Howard shared a stellar introduction with their debut LP Religion at the beginning of last year. A little over a year later, they are revisiting and repurposing Religion for the thoroughly developed concept EP Please Recycle. Not to be confused with some environmentally conscious PSA, Please Recycle is somewhat of remix EP, only using original tracking from Religion, Howard rearranges, manipulates, and contorts the original sonics to create entirely new forays into their sound. The recycling-related track names like “Glass” and “Paper” are a nice touch to complete the extended metaphor.

On the first single “Glass,” they lift a guitar sample from Religion’s “The Waiting Room” and vocals from the LP’s opener “Falling” and flip it into a glitchy grab bag of varied aesthetics. An array of different digital and analog instrumentation take turns driving the song, switching from commanding synth patterns, to dense drum cadences and manipulated samples seamlessly. With so many different elements, this track could have easily lacked cohesiveness, but the way they’ve given new life to previous material is worth exponentially more than five cents. Check it out below.

The Please Recycle EP is out 3/25.

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