Mike And The Melvins – “Chicken ‘N’ Dump”

In 1998, the North Dakota noise-rock duo godheadSilo broke up, and that band’s frontman Mike Kunka headed out on tour with Pacific Northwest sludge-rock gods Melvins. During that tour, Kunka and the Melvins agreed to make an album together. They started working on it in 1999, and Sub Pop agreed to release the record. But then life got in the way, and the group never finished the album. But now, 16 years later, they’ve gotten back together and turned it into a real album that’ll be coming out later this month. It’s called Three Men And A Baby, which is perfect. Kunka’s nine-year-old daughter wrote the lyrics to “Chicken ‘N’ Dump,” the retching, pounding first single, and it sounds just as grimy and misanthropic as ’90s underground rock was supposed to sound. Check it out below, via Noisey.

Three Men And A Baby is out 4/1 on Sub Pop. Bet you didn’t expect to read the word “godheadSilo” in 2016.