Kanye Goes Off On Wiz Khalifa In The Best Tweetstorm Of All Time

Wiz Khalifa has long been involved with Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose, and you’d think this might be a cause for some friction between the two. It never has been before. (Kanye on “Cold” in 2012: “Only nigga I got respect for is Wiz.”) But something snapped in Kanye today when he saw his wife Kim Kardashian’s initials on Wiz’s Twitter. Here’s what set him off:

Upon seeing this, Kanye unleashed the full wrath of his Twitter feed:

Wiz responded, claiming that he wasn’t talking about Kardashian at all:

Despite his protestations, though, Wiz was definitely poking at Kanye on Twitter recently:

The big takeaway from all this, of course, is that Wiz Khalifa wears cool pants.

UPDATE: Amber Rose has now weighed in:

UPDATE: Kanye has now deleted all of his tweets and claimed that he didn’t want to “either” Wiz like that: