Banned Books – “Fuselage”

Experimental noise-pop trio Banned Books hail from Philadelphia, and they live up to their city’s reputation for exporting exciting new rock bands. They’ve shared stages with Deerhoof and Guerilla Toss, and fans of either group will recognize the free-spirited madness coursing through “Fuselage,” the latest single from Banned Books’ self-titled debut. It’s like a pleasantly drowsy guitar-pop singsong with something ferocious trapped inside, banging on the walls and bursting at the seams. The rhythm is wobbly, the hits visceral, the melodies entrancing. “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” goes the refrain, and right now it feels like the worst thing that can happen would be not listening to this song. So do that below.

Banned Books is out 2/23 on Ramp Local. Pre-order it here.

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