Jawbreaker Reunion – “Small Investments”

Jawbreaker Reunion – “Small Investments”

The most biting Jawbreaker Reunion songs digest some pre-packaged sentiment or turn of phrase and spit in right back in your face. On their debut, they sardonically tore down the laughing alone with salad meme, the Friends theme song, the straightedge movement. The band to watch’s targets on their upcoming new album are even more pointedly specific: “Small Investments” gets its title from something that an ex told songwriter and singer Bella Mazzetti as they were breaking up, and it twists the words into a means of empowerment: “I was wrong to think that you could love me more than a song.” Here’s how Mazzetti broke down the track to MTV News, who premiered it earlier today:

The song was born from a nasty breakup and is really about getting yourself out of the ‘mourning’ period that most of us inevitably go through afterwards. I dug myself out by repurposing the shitty things my ex said during the break up. The other person actually did say ‘there is such a thing as a small investment’ while we were breaking up, and I didn’t realize until I was actually writing the song a month later how fucked up that is to say to a person you’re in a relationship with for years. The moment I put that line into the song is also the moment that I really knew I was happy it was over. Why would you want to be with a person who delegitimizes your experiences and feelings like that? It was extremely therapeutic and cleansing.

Listen below.

haha and then what 😉 is out 2/26 via Miscreant Records. You can pre-order it here. Listen to the album’s lead single, “Cosmos.”

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