Murals – “I Live Here”

Louisville psychedelic folk outfit and 2012-vintage Band To Watch Murals are releasing their new album Violet City Lantern in just a few weeks. (Somewhat confusingly, it’s being billed as their debut LP, because they’re calling their 8-track 2012 release On A Passing Cloud an EP. OK!) We’ve heard two warmly hallucinogenic songs already, the title track and “Long Bridge,” and now they’ve given us an equally lovely third. “I Live Here” is a lush, ambling pastoral that basically sounds like sunlight refracting through a woodland stream. “The working title for this song was ‘Brazil,’ which reflected the opening riff,” drummer Rob Monsma told KCRW, where the track premiered. “It had a certain bounce and rhythm that seemed to fit the name. We tracked the drums, bass, and guitars live, and through the process of overdubbing and mixing the song became a collage of sorts. We were overdubbing the middle of the song — after the celebratory section — and happened to open the windows. There were church bells signaling noon, so we pressed record and the rest is history, as they say.” Listen below.

Violet City Lantern is out 2/19 on Fire Talk. Pre-order it here.

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