Stream Boosie Badazz Out My Feelings (In My Past)

On the first day of 2016, the embattled Baton Rouge street-rap hero Lil Boosie dropped In My Feelings (Goin’ Thru It), a self-released album that felt like Boosie’s attempt to process, in real time, his battle with cancer. Now, barely a month later, Boosie has a whole new album, as Nah Right points out. This one spans 18 tracks, and on first listen, it returns him to his grimier, tougher roots. Still, it feels like a companion piece. The new album is called Out My Feelings (In My Past), and you can stream the whole thing below.

Out My Feelings (In My Past) isn’t available for purchase yet; it’s not entirely clear whether it’s an album or a mixtape.

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