Grammys 2016: Comment Party

Another year, another Grammys comment party! Remember when Beck beat Beyoncé last year and even he was surprised? Remember when Kanye pulled a YO IMMA LET YOU FINISH Part II and pretended to storm the stage when that fateful Album Of The Year award was announced? Will he do the same if Taylor Swift’s 1989 beats Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly this year? You KNOW he will if he’s there (no confirmation yet) because after all: He made that bitch famous, right? WRONG.

Regardless of whether or not ‘Ye shows up, there’s bound to be plenty to talk about. Lady Gaga will sing a medley of David Bowie songs to pay tribute to the late, great musician, the Hamilton cast is slated to perform, and Justin Bieber will accompany Jack Ü in the live debut of “Where Are Ü Now.” Kendrick is poised to blow everyone else the fuck out of the water, as will Travis Barker, Robin Thicke, and Pitbull in what has been billed as an “unforgettable performance.” JK, that’s gonna suck. Lastly: Rihanna will bless us all with her presence as well as a performance. This is the most meme-able night in music, people! Anything can happen, but we’ve already predicted who might win. We’ll be updating the winner’s list throughout the night. Pay attention (or don’t) and let’s get the Comment Party started!

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